Spice Jars and Labels Set

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Spark Joy in Your Cooking

Spice up your pantry with these stylish spice jars and beautiful minimalist spice labels. The spice-hunt frustration ends here while your cooking elevates from ok to spectacular. Easy to read labels will make your life in the kitchen more fun and effortless. !

Why choose us?

Waterproof Labels
Labels that can withstand grease and spatter in the kitchen.
Minimalist Design
Visually stunning spice jars that you can easily find and grab.
All The Spices You Need
More than 200 common spices ready for you to stick.
Unleash your DIY creativity.
Organize your spices the way you want it to be. The set comes with over 200 waterproof spice labels in 2 styles (round and rectangle) so you can stick as you desire - on top or on the body.