Compost Bin

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Let’s Talk Dirty

Minimize your waste footprint in style.This chic and stylish compost bin will just seamlessly complement your indoor decor while effectively composting your kitchen waste. Thanks to the odor-blocking properties of the charcoal filter which also keeps mice and flies away. Clean kitchen — that’s hot!

Why choose us?

Odor Control System
Includes ventilation and tight lid for maximum odor control.
Removable Inner Bucket
Allows you to easily remove and discard your compost.
With Charcoal Activated Filters
Especially designed to prevent odor leaks, bugs and mice.
Composting made easy
Too much hassle of storing and disposing kitchen scraps? Our compost bin comes with a unique two-bucket system to help you to easily manage your kitchen wastes. Simply take it out, throw it out and make a clean scene!